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Are there certain types of women that men tend to want more than others? Certainly yes!

Which types of women do you think men go for or marry?

You might be thinking of women with long hair, beautiful faces, long legs and slender bodies. Not really. Admittedly these features may draw a lot of attention, but not necessarily secure men’s hearts.

The women men want to spend their lives with are those who are genuinely interested in them. Women who are really interested in a man’s well being, his future and what he does for a living are men magnets. Not those who are preoccupied with what they look like or what they could get or even how men would treat them.

John Molloy of the Marriage Licence Bureau interviewed 410 men and 376 women and found among other things, that women who showed interest and concern for a man’s “health, career and future” were more likely to get married than others.

Molloy tells a story of a guy Dave. He was apparently looking sickly at a party and a girl Annie asked him if he was feeling well. He declared he was feeling great, but after touching his forehead she told him that he was an idiot and insisted on driving him home, because he had a very fever.  He accepted because he wanted to make a pass on her. She would have none of it, however.  On arriving at his house she explained to his family that he was sick and they should make him go to bed and she promptly left. His family teased him about Annie, but the funny thing was – he didn’t even have her number.  His sister helped him to get it and he didn’t stop until he got Annie to go out with him. They eventually got married.

Annie stood out in Dave’s mind not because she was cute, glamorous or fancy but simply because she was genuinely concerned with his well being.

I could never forget Kirsty. When she found out I was vegetarian she sent me a list of vegetarian restaurants in London. She also for sale online went through the trouble of looking up possible jobs vacancies in my line of work when I was job hunting.  She was so caring that she has made an indelible mark on the memory cells of my brain.

Showing real care and concern for other people will make you very attractive to them. Start caring for and showing concern for men and you will be shocked at the number of them who will want to date you. Secondly they would also speak good things about you and your reputation will even make other men very curious about meeting and possibly dating you.

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