2 secrets to become a man magnet

First what or who is a man magnet?

Is a she a woman who has tons of men blazing a trail to her door? Not really. I think Romy Miller says it best.

“A man magnet is a chick who gets the man she wants.”

Romy has actually written an rx low price excellent book about the subject “Man Magnet: How to be the best women you can be in order to get the best man”

In it she gives some powerful secrets in the second third chapter.

1.       She is confident, funny and takes care of herself

2.       She acts like a woman.

While the first point is easy to grasp, many women don’t realize that power of second point.

How do you act like a woman? Simple, first recognize that you don’t have to buy certain clothes, get a boob job or change your personality. Your ‘womanliness’ or femininity is inside of you. God made you that way.

“God gave you everything you need in order to attract the opposite sex,” Romy says.

So begin to accept and indulge your feminine qualities, and see how men will respond in ways that will amaze you.

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