6 ways to get free dates without risking your integrity

Here are 6 easy ways to get free dates without risking your integrity.

  1. Volunteer for a charity. You will be amazed at the number of great people who volunteer their time to charity. Here you will be able to mingle, and get involved with people without the stress of canvassing them cold turkey. It will be quite easy to strike up a conversation with someone that you fancy in the group. You will also be able to quite easily exchange contact details and even suggest a coffee or tea meet-up. discount price While volunteering you will be amazed at the type of information you can amass about a person by simply working along side them and having casual conversation. Far more than you would in an expensive dinner date.
  2. Join social networking sites. I am quite amazed at the raft of information people put up about themselves, along with tons of pictures of them. You can quite easily “friend” someone and strike up a conversation with them about the interest they mention on their profile. There are tons by facebook, myspace, Hi5 seems to be most popular
  3. Join or create a class about your interest and hobbies. Or even join a male/female dominated class. One lady I read about decided to advertise a class to teach men how to cook. She not only got paid for it but many of the men wanted to take her out — what a fantastic idea.
  4. While there are many commercial dating sites there are also some good free ones also. One that comes to mind is plentyoffish.com The site get millions of visit per month and boast hundreds of thousands pairing up.
  5. One great site that I have come across is meetup.com This is a unique site as it puts in touch with people who will like to meet-up based on a particular interest. You can meet-up with people internationally or people in your geographical area
  6. Host, create and attend get-togethers that can range from bbq, parties, book clubs, movie reviews or anything that is of interest to you but will also bring other people together.

While most of the activities above are not strictly dates, they will bring you intouch with many people in a way that will make it much easier for you to know them, exchange details and communicate via emails, telephone and later meetups or dates. Trying to get a person to go out with you through cold calls or “cold contact” can be not only very difficult but also emotionally draining.

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