7 reasons why you should never pay for another dating site

Here is why you should never pay another dime to a dating site.

  1. Dating sites are expensive, some could even rival your utility or phone bill when all the hidden charges are added. Although they do not charge to register, you need to pay a recurring charge to contact someone you fancy or respond to someone who wants to contact you.
  2. In costs addition to all the money you spend to just electronically contact someone, you still need to shell out for the actually date.
  3. Internet dating site success rates are not as impressive as they make it out to be.
  4. Even after using some of the matching programs on these many people complain that the person they meet do not match the projection they post online – disappointment.
  5. Many of the people on dating sites may be inactive, got married or found a partner, but none of these have deleted their profiles. In some instances there is not facility to delete your profile.
  6. The primary object of most dating sites is to make money not necessarily your interest. The longer they can keep you subscribed to their service the more money they will make from you.
  7. There are ton of alternative and free ways of getting the desire of your heart. E.g Social networking sites are free and offer a much more varied and rounded way of connecting and interacting with people that dating sites

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