A powerful tool to gain the respect and admiration of a man you love

If you like someone, don’t ever sling unto him.  Never give the impression that you can’t do without him.  Nothing scares men like this.  They feel stifled and suffocated.  Men need space.

Instead find someway to communicate your interest in him, while at the same time you convey independence and integrity, Simply paying attention to him and the activities that he is involved will do the job. 

However never let him become your world. Still have and maintain a life outside of him. Still keep and even get more friends. Nothing is worst than giving up your life to in order to please and be around him.

Show interest in him by being grateful of anything he does for you. Also praise him for the good qualities he has. Give him compliments – not flattery.  You may even tell him verbally that you admire him, but never let him think that he is indispensable or that you’ll die without him.

Your attitude should be:  “Yes I like you, however, with or without you life goes on.  If you want to go you are free to do so, I will find another great person to be with.”  

 Always generic price maintain some inner dignity when dealing with men.  They relish this quality a lot.

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