Are you afraid to love? 5 secrets to fearless loving

Are you are afraid to love? Are you afraid that you will get hurt? Do you dread feeling romantically vulnerable? Are you scared you will get a heart break if you love someone? In this article I will show you how to become a fearless lover.

One of the greatest fears in love is not just unrequited love but simply the dread that our tender hearts will be torn apart by one we decide love. Someone we decide to let in the inner sanctum of our souls. Afraid of getting a romantic heart-break.

Physical heart attack is one thing. You can feel and see the symptoms and rush to emergency hospital. Doctors and spe ts will do their best to repair your damaged heart. They will operate, give you medication and closely monitor your progress. We are even given a list of foods, and things we should and shouldn’t do. There are some people who contend we should prevent not patch-up heart problems. They advise that we should exercise, eat healthy foods, meditate etc.

But how do we prevent or deal an emotional heart attack? How do we avoid getting our vulnerable hearts broken by reckless and heartless people? And where do we go to heal if this happens?

Some people decide its best not to love at all. They invisible walls around their hearts, especially if they have been hurt before. In some ways I do agree. I know of a woman who went mad because the man who promised to marry her, left her pregnant for another woman. My niece got murdered because she loved the wrong person. She let the wrong person in. But is this the solution?  Is this the answer? I agree with the guy who said: “its best to have loved and lost than not to have loved at all.”

Here are several suggestions that will prove fruitful in the quest of protecting our sensitive, tender romantic souls.

  1. Do not focus on the wrong people. What you think about, you bring about. Do you remember when you were small, and you went on stage to say a poem. You determined not to forget your words and what happened? You forgot the poem. It was like a self fulfilling prophecy. If you obsess with getting hurt; if you constantly think about; if you become preoccupied with the idea, you are likely to draw, attract and magnetize it in your life
  2. Focus on what you want instead. Write down the things you would like in a relationship. Visualize and even get pictures of what you are looking for. Do this every day. You are more likely to attract healty relationship with this method.
  3. Accept the fact that to love is to risk getting hurt. Everything in life has associated risks. However if you don’t risk you will never enjoy the bliss and joy of loving and being loved.
  4. Associate and keep company with people who have qualities that you admire and would like to have in a partner. The reason for this is a bit obscure, however remember that birds of a feather do flock together. Not only do you become like them, they also attract other like-minded people one of whom may be the ONE for you.
    1. In addition to that your friends can help you to vet the people who come into your life. They would have extra information about their other friends that you would not ordinarily have ready access to

    5. When do start a relationship, do buy online the necessary checks and balances. Never let the person be the only source of information about themselves. Let your friends and family (and his/her friends and family) give you feedback on who this person is. I am not saying your should let chose for you, be listen to their feedback to make a more informed choice.

Don’t lock yourself in a loveless prison, be willing to love and risk but take the necessary precaution to avoid being hurt in the process.

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