20 essential tips for your first date conversation

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Tips you can use on your first date conversation so that you can get a second one. Remember the first time you went out on a date with someone you like, admire, had a crush on. You may have experience some or all of the following problems

Brown beating Rihana: 4 lessons we should learn from Rihana Brown saga

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Earlier this year a supposedly “squeaky clean” up and coming R&B artist Chris Brown catapulted onto the lime light when he was accused of hitting girl friend Rihana Fenty. The Rihana beating episode got in and stayed in the headlines for many months. Rihana, another famous R&B singer had her face bruised in a leaked … Continued

Do men have biological clocks?

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Is your biological clock ticking? Be honest are you scared that you are growing old and have no prospects of a husband, man, boyfriend or children? Maybe your biological clock has started to tick.