Do men have biological clocks?

Is your biological clock ticking?

Be honest are you scared that you are growing old and have no prospects of a husband, man, boyfriend or children? Maybe your biological clock has started to tick.

What is biological a biological clock?

Women are usually said to have biological clocks. This is a time when women (usually late 20’s – early 30’s) start seriously considering settling down (marrying) and having children. In fact buy 10mg they begin worry about it especially if there are no immediate prospects in sight. Their maternal instict kicks in and they get a certain sensation every time they see or hold a child.

It is generally thought that over 30 the chances of marrying lessen with each passing year, because men seem to prefer younger suitors.

Similarly the probability of having children also decreases and there are a lot more health risk associated with process of getting pregnant and giving birth as you progress towards 40 and beyond.

Do men have biological clocks?

Brilliant question! And the surprising answer is yes, but not in exactly the same way and time as women.

John Molloy says it best: “They are not worried about being able to physically father a child but being a father to the child.” In other words there comes a time when men think they need to have children before they become too old to grow and bond with a child.

John in his book “Why men marry some women and not others” says”They want to be young enough when their sons come along to teach them them all things fathers teach their sons – to ride a bicycle, to fish, play football etc.”

When does a man’s bio-clock start ticking?

1.       After men finish ‘sowing their wild oats’ (chasing and having as much sex as they can), they tend to get tired of this behaviour and want desire a more settled life.

2.       Men also want to be financially stable and secure. They tend to either finish their studies or settled into a career before they start seriously considering marrying or starting a family. It as if they want to be sure that they can provide for a family before they start one.

3.       Men who have strong moral, traditional or ethical values also have strong biological clocks, because their religious values prevent them from having premarital or irresponsible sex.

How can you tell what is a man’s biological time?

  • A man who is tired of the singles scene and wants to get on with life
  • One who has been living independently for some time in a house/flat of his own, may be considering how to seriously get someone to share his life with
  • One whose friends and siblings are married or in serious committed relationships. He will be subconsciously like the odd one out and want to get a partner too due to the social pressure
  • Late 30’s to early 40’s tend to begin to think that they better get the children soon before they get too old to cope with one

Should I wait until my man’s bio-clock start even if I am ready now?

There is no guarantee when a man’s bio-clock will kick in. You may frustrate yourself (and him too) trying to consciously or subconsciously force the issue.  It’s best to look for someone who wants the same thing as you. There are lots of single available men who are looking for nice women like you.

Paradoxically, the act of moving on with your life my just be the thing to activate his bio-clock. However don’t use this as a gimmick because it will not work in the long term.

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