How to win with men

To win with men you need to be a keen observer of them. Study them carefully and never be afraid to make contact with any man. You will be surprise, apart from their sexual differences, that  they do have similar problems and challenges like you. They are just as vulnerable – even when they pretend not to be. They are just as eager and to make friends and go out as you are. Men are humans too.

While looks, makeup, attire have their places, many women are shocked to find out that these are not the only factors which sales online attract men.

“A man appreciates your ability to enhance your natural beauty, but they also need to know you can be comfortable just as you are,” says relationship expert Barbara DeAngelis.

Re-evaluative counsellor, Harvey Jackins,  agrees. He says a woman can attract any man she wishes to have as a good, close friend if she does three things.

  1. Think of herself as worthwhile, likeable and attractive. Communicate to the man that she has this attitude towards herself by her posture, looks facial expression, tone of voice and words.
  2. Indicate to the man that she finds him interesting, attractive and desirable as a friend.
  3. Communicate to the man that he is not in danger of being personally rejected by her.

“Cosmetics, clothes, figure, complexion and all the other supposed ingredients of attractiveness, have very little to do with the attraction a man feels for her, compared to the deep inherent attractiveness of a woman who can communicate these three things,” Jackins says.

Creator of the cassette series “Light his/her Fire,” Ellen Kreidman goes further.  She says the way to win anyone’s heart of to make them feel validated and special when they are around you.

“If you can make some feel better around you than when they are with any one else, that person will love you, and want to be always around you,” Kreidman says.

This is why 27 year old computer technician Kenton is crazy about Carol. Carol listened to him as if he were the only person in the universe. She was interested in his life and every other aspect of his life. He always felt respected and validated. He never felt that she would deliberately hurt or reject him. It was the first time he felt so accepted and respected in all his life. He was simply wild about her.

One of the primary thoughts to keep in mind when you are dealing with men is to treat them with respect and sensitivity. Treat them the way you would like to be treated. They are humans like you too. You will find that they will respond to love and kindness just as easily as any woman would.

The next time you see a man who stimulates your interest do not hesitate to make the first move. Do not leave love to chance — follow your heart, reach out and befriend him.

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