Looking for a perfect man? How to get your perfect husband

Why are you still single? Are you being too “picky”? Are you looking for a perfect man?

Can you be too picky when looking for a soulmate?

Many singles are accused of being too picky, especially when they have been single for a long time – too long.

One girl told me that her 35 year-old friend was “too picky” that is why she “can’t get a husband.” She added that her friend seems to be looking for a perfect guy to become a perfect husband.

Is this woman being too picky? What is being too picky?

The idea connotes that you have such high standards that you will reject a potential guy, man or male because of some trite or arbitrary reason.

Maybe you think that his is too dark, teeth not white enough or wears the wrong type of shoes. Whatever the reason I want us to discuss the point of being too picky.

I know some people who think that you should never make a list of what you want in a partner because it eliminates most men. They think that such list suggests that you are looking for the perfect husband or partner.

I don’t think so. In fact science has proven that it is very important to be clear on who and what you want in a relationship. The clearer you are the better you are at spotting and avoiding the wrong person for you.

A woman contacted me recently on how to get a soul mate in her life. I suggested to her that she should write a list of what she wants in a relationship. She was alarmed as she once had a list and abandoned it years ago, because she thought she was being unrealistic and picky.

She was a medical doctor working with a prestigious company. I asked her about her recruitment process. She recounted that it was a very stringent process. She had to do about 4 levels of interviews along with a battery of tests. This was because they wanted to weed out the wrong candidates and get the “perfect” person for the job.

If companies do this, why should we not screen and handpick people who come into our souls? Should we not be very “picky” about people we let into the most buy usa vulnerable part of our being – our heart? Like this company should we not look for the “perfect” for the part?

Remember that once this person gets into our romantic soul, he or she has the potential of doing the world of good or wreck our emotional being. That is not position that should be made easily available.

Yes you should have a check list. Write down everything that you would like to get in a potential mate. Remember that you will not be only getting a man or woman but also his or her lifestyle. You will inherit his habits, attitudes, pets, friends and family. In other words they come with a complete package. Decide what type of package you want.

Then divide the list into things you absolutely will not live without and things you want but you will be able to romantically survive without them. Things you must are your requirements. In other words life will be miserable if you do not have them. The things you like but can live without are your wants.

Do not be afraid to have high standards and expectations. People who do, usually get the best or perfect fit for them.

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