Should we look for or wait for our soul mate? 3 ways to find a great boyfriend without killing yourself

Should we look for or wait for our soul mate?

This is a big question many people debate. You may even be considering whether or not you should be actively involved in seeking and searching for your soul mate, or simply wait for the right boyfriend to show up in your life.

Some people think that you shouldn’t force things – if it is to be, it will come to pass. So they wait. They think that you are desperate if you go out actively looking for a man. You may find the wrong boyfriend. Some have tried looking and got badly burnt, so they give up. Others content that you must seek and you will find. What is the real answer?

The answer is that you should actually do both. Here is the most effective way to look for and attract your soul mate into your life.

1.       Create the intention of getting a great boyfriend. Write it down. Even write down the type of person you would like. This sends a signal to your subconscious mind that you are serious and causes it to activate a process that will cause your mind to be alert for anyone who matches the profile. It will also somehow or the other sends out vibes that will attract similar people to you. Here is a short clip of two people who made a list of the qualities they wanted in a soulmate


2.       Begin to actively engage/participate in activities, projects and events that you love but have been putting off for a long time. This will help you to meet lots of other people while having fun and expanding your life. Enjoying life is quite an attractive feature and people will begin to notice you and want to be part of your fun life.

3.       Be detached. Have the intention and participate in activities that are likely to help you meet with potential suitors, but don’t be intensely and emotionally attached to the outcome. Another way to put this is to “want a soul mate don’t need one.” It will be great to get one but don’t let your entire world get deflated if you don’t find one by Christmas. plus Do not force allow it to happen.

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