6 ways to be extremely attractive to men

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How can you become extremely attractive to men What is the single most attractive feature of a woman?

How to move your relationship to the next level – marriage

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How do you move your relationship to the next level – marriage? If you are good friends how do you go about telling or asking your friend to progress the relationship to marriage?

Relationship problems – can’t seem to please your partner?

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Are you having relationship problems like Julie? Nothing she does seem to be able to satisfy her long time boyfriend Jake.  He always criticise, quarrel or picks at her and what she does.  Having this type of relationship problem can drive you mad.

Is he the right man for you?

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How to tell if he is the one – can this be the right man for you?. Have you ever had strong feelings for someone but you are not sure about him? You feel that he just may be the one however there may be some doubts lingering at the back of your mind. Or … Continued

Obamas’ 7 steps for a happy relationship

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Would you like to have a great relationship like Barack and Michelle Obama? I just came across a brilliant piece in Essence magazine which identified 7 things generic forum that the Obamas are doing which makes their relationship so magnificent. 7 things that you can easily do too. They include:

15 ways to tell a guy you love him without scaring him off


Should you tell a guy your true feelings for him? Well, this can be dangerous if there is no established rapport between you; even then it may not work in your best interest. Here are some risk free ways to indicate your interest in someone without dragging your integrity in the dust.