6 ways to be extremely attractive to men

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How can you become extremely attractive to men What is the single most attractive feature of a woman?

How to tell someone you are not interested in them

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Dating advice for women: 7 ways to tell a guy you are not interested in him How do you tell a guy you are not interested in him especially if he is your friend?

Should you have sex on the first date?

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Some women ask me if is OK to have first-date-sex with a man they really have the hots for? Well it depends on your motive. If you are into one-night-stand thing I guess it would be OK. But I strongly do not recommend it. You should never become physically involved with a man unless you … Continued

3 ways to avoid making the same romantic mistakes

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Do you find yourself attracting the same type of losers into your life? Do you dread the thought that you will always be getting jerks, jokers and losers as boyfriends? Are you petrified of loving someone for fear that they will break you heart again?