Want to find your soul mate?

One of the best ways to attract a soul mate is to be a soul mate.

This may sound rather simple and self evident, however many do not grasp the power of this principle.

Many people focus on what they want. What they must have in a man. The type of man he should be. They even fantasize about how he would pursue and capture them.  Little effort is spent on a very significant question:

Am I who and what my potential soul mate want?

The best way to do this is to look at all the qualities and traits you want in your soul mate and adopt them in your life.

You cannot be a pig and expect to attract a peacock. Yes they say opposites attract, however in the area of relationships people tend to go for others who are similar to them. Researchers are even now showing that people tend to marryothers who have similar physical features to them. Have you ever noticed that many couples actually tend to look like brother and sister?

Becoming what you are looking for has another huge benefit. You will silently attract into your life the type of people who are like you. The people who resonate with your principles, attitude and character. Before you know it you will be interacting with many potential soul what is used for mates who are similar to you.

Have you ever heard the we are all living magnets? We attract into our lives things, events and people who are similar to our current dominant thoughts. So be very careful what you constantly think about, because what you usually think about you actually bring about?

So what are your looking for in your soul mate? Do you have these traits? Will your potential soul mate be attracted to the type of person you are?

Start thinking like your soul mate; start behaving like your soul mate; start being what your soul mate would like and you will attract your soul mate

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