What women think about men — which are myths

Here are 17 myths women have about men.

  1. All men think about is sex:
  2. Men want more sex than women
  3. Men are simple and don’t know how to emotionally satisfy women
  4. Men are impossible to please or satisfy
  5. If he really loves me he will be more affectionate
  6. Real men are strong and don’t you to tell them nice things; you shouldn’t have to feed their egos.
  7. Men are not emotional
  8. Men don’t like commitment
  9. Men want someone like their mother; someone to nurture and care for them (cook wash and clean) without any responsibility
  10. Men are grown up boys
  11. A man who loves a woman will want to help her at home
  12. If a man loves a woman he will always want to be with her and talk to her.
  13. I can change him
  14. If a man loves a women he will take time the time to understand what she is saying
  15. A man will share his inner feelings with the woman he loves
  16. When a man love a woman he knows what will excite and arouse her
  17. A man shouldn’t be told how to make love. If you have to tell a man what professional generic to do he is not a real man

1 thought on “What women think about men — which are myths”

  1. i only wish to pose a question. why do women always expect alot from men, are they not human as they are, do they think we don’t know that these things they ask for do exist in our minds. if they wanted to know much about how men live their lives it is some thing very simple. they should ask.

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