Why men lie

Why do men lie and why do women belief them?

Some men have been know as notorious liers. Other tell “what lies” to get what they want. Many women have suffered dearly because they fell prey to these kinds of men.

Take Kirsty, a 34 year old lawyer, she was totally taken in by Ken who claimed he loved her dearly and would do anything for her – even marry her. After 3 years with Ken she is no closer to marriage then when they first started and she has found out Ken has several other girl friends and even 2 children. She finally ended the relationship as she could not tolerate the lying any more. Kirsty got off lightly because Jeanna nearly had her house repossessed simply because she was conned by one of New Yorks greatest con men. Her bank account was raided and it turned out he hasn’t been paying the mortgage he swore he was servicing.

Cheryl Cole (wife of footballer Ashley Cole) and Tony Terry (wife of another footballer John Terry) have been high profile women who are presently reeling from the lies and pretense of their husbands.

In a recent radio interview I discussed this issue of why men lie to women and why women belief them. Click on the link below to listen and let me know if you have been lied to and how you dealt with it.

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