10 ways to tell if someone is interested in you

How can you tell if someone is interested in you?

One of the key ways in telling if someone is interested in you is he attentive to you?

What is attentiveness?

The people at Character First say Attentiveness is:

“Showing the worth of a person by giving my undivided concentration to that person.”

In other words the amount of attention a person gives you shows how much they value you; how much interest they have in you.

I remember Trudy. She was girl who worked in the cafeteria of the college that I was doing a summer program at. We somehow started talking to each other. When I spoke with her I felt I was the only person in her universe. He large round eyes would lock onto my face. She would drink in every word I would say and without missing a beat would respond with appropriate questions, responses and sometimes even slight disagreements. The disagreements were a small price to pay to just feel the she has lock out the world just to be in conversation with me. She made me feel special.

Someone who loves you, someone who is interested in you would be attentive to you. Here are some cues and questions that will help you determine how someone feels about you:

1.       Does he like and want to be around you? In fact if they are really interested in you they usually want to be in your private space – as near as physically possible or as near as you will allow.

2.       Does he look at you when you are talking? Or are his eyes roaming the environment when he is with you? When people are not interested in you they tend to looking every where else except at you

3.       Does he ask you questions when he doesn’t understand what you are saying? People who are interested in you tend to be curious about you and what you are saying.

4.       Does he actually listen to you? That is, he not only hears but he internalizes what you are saying and comments intelligently about it. Not sits there with a dead-pan blank look or awkward grin.How to tell if someone is interested in me

5.       Does he only want to ramble about his interest without giving you the time to get something edge wise?

6.       Is he easily distracted with other things when he is with you (mobile phone, gadget other people or just plain absent minded)?

7.       Does he lean into you when you are having a conversation?

8.       Does he lean away from you when he is talking to you?

9.       If you are standing together is his body angled towards or away from you? Are his feet/toes/shoes pointed in your direction?

10.   If he is doing something when you call or get to him doe he stop and give you his undivided attention or does he multitask or expects you to wait until he is finished? There are some things that do need finishing however he will apologized and explain that he just needs to finish this one thing and he will be with you ASAP.

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