14 men you should never date

14 types of men you should avoid like a plague. Never let them into your romantic life. They will make your life a living hell:

    1. The control freak, who must always be the boss and be obeyed. You cannot be let out of his site with accounting for actions
    2. Mr. Addict, is married to his next kick/high and will abuse, misuse and ignore you to get it
    3. A beaten down man. He always has a sad tale and has permanent battle fatigue
    4. Mr cheapo. This is the guy who doesn’t like to pay more that is necessary and will drive ten miles to get petrol that is 1 cent cheaper. He will prefer buying you sandwiches instead of a restaurant meal if he can get away with it.
    5. Men who have tons of women friends. You will always be competing with his girl friends for his time and attention even if they are platonic friends.
    6. Mamma’s boy. This guy will always be turning to his mum for food, advise and even comfort. If she doesn’t like you she will make your life hell.
    7. A jerk. Jerks will embarrass, ridicule and just online no prescription make you look downright stupid.
    8. Mr. Whiner.
    9. A pervert
    10. Sir womanizer
    11. Effeminate man
    12. Mr. Know it all and the fixer who always want to fix you
    13. The egotist who is always want you to validate him
    14. The insecure boy who cannot stand to see you succeed or make more money than him

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