15 tips for online dating

Online dating has become one of the main ways of looking for a potential partner today. However it can be confusing and nerve racking. Here are 15 online dating tips to make your experience better.

  1. Know what you want and chose a site which suits your values and preferences. There are sites catering for every race, religious belief, taste and part of the world you are in.
  2. Be aware that this is only one of the many ways of finding potential partners. Still continue to make new friends offline. Do not depend on this alone
  3. Remember you still have to do the necessary checks, even if you find someone who tickles your fancy. Since it is so easy to hide behind a well written profile. Treat it like employers who advertise jobs. The job prospects have to since send in their CVs and attend interviews to be short listed.
  4. Fill out as much of the profile as possible.
  5. Read other profiles and see which ones appeal to you. Make yours fresh and original. Rather than saying that are lonely you may want to say that you enjoy meeting new people and sharing common interests, and doing mutually enjoyable activities.
  6. Be honest and don’t exaggerate as this may come back to haunt you later
  7. Upload more than one photo. They should be recent, relevant and respectable.
  8. Don’t be too quick to ask for or give out personal information. This may make you look desperate and suspicious. E.g. you don’t want to be asking for the person’s phone number and address in the first couple prices of emails. You need to first build a rapport or relationship.
  9. Do spell check and re-read your profile as people do judge you be your use of English grammar and spelling. Don’t use text and messaging language like LOL. Many people still don’t understand these acronyms.
  10. Try not to comment on the person’s physical features too soon as this may make them think you are after sex.
  11. Make your responses short and spices. Ask questions and engage the persons in talking their interests, hobbies, likes and dislikes.
  12. Remember that you should naturally progress from emails, to instant messaging, to telephoning and webcam exchange and ultimately meeting in person.
  13. Always meet in public. Let people know where you are going and how long you intend to be. It may even be a good idea to have someone come along with you. Not to the actual date but who can be part of the public.
  14. Talk to trusted friends about your online activity as they can be helpful in spotting problems long before you are aware of them.
  15. While most sites are paid (they charge a monthly subscription to correspond with people), they allow you to search and join their data base for free. However there are also some free sites e.g. plentyoffish.com and lavalife.com. Be suspicious of sites which claim they are free and still ask for credit card information.

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