15 ways to tell a guy you love him without scaring him off

Should you tell a guy your true feelings for him? Well, this can be dangerous if there is no established rapport between you; even then it may not work in your best interest. Here are some risk free ways to indicate your interest in someone without dragging your integrity in the dust.

1. Smile at him often

2. Compliment him about the way he looks, dresses, work etc.

3. Play fight with him e.g. Jokingly punch or play a boxing match

4. Help him with some work, project or event he is planning.

5. Listen to him.

6. Challenge him to become a better person.

7. Do not take crap from him. Confront him if he embarrass, belittles or hurt you or other people. He will admire you for standing up to him.

9. Believe in him even when he doubts himself.

10. Be there for him if he is going through a bad batch or rough times.

11. Give him space, don’t crowd him too much.

12. Don’t overwhelm him. Give him a chance to miss you.

13. Make it OK for him to leave if he wants to.

14. If he wants you to, go with him to places like football or fishing.

15. Talk favourably about him to others especially his friends.

202 thoughts on “15 ways to tell a guy you love him without scaring him off”

  1. I like this boy, he is very sweet funny kind, but he is kind of a pervert. But I really like him and we a best friends. But I am scared that if I tell him how I feel we wont be as good as friends anymore…..

  2. Ok, so i like this guy named fransisco we are both on the swim team and thats what we bond over. im a cheerful person when im around him even when im sad back then when i didnt like him i would just mess, and he would call me annoying but now that i like him im much more sweet but still kinda hyper around him and he would be like go away and when i do leave him alone he would mess with me like one time he would just randomly try to talk to me. i dont know what he wants. after lunch i would visit his 6th period and everytime i see him he smiles, and when i try to hug him he tries to resist but not really i dont know how to explain it. Is he trying to be hard to get? idk…im very comfortable with him, so i want to tell him i like him but what if he doesnt like me back but i wont tell him i like him unless he asks me if i like him. and he wouldnt give me his number our facebook. uggghh can you be honest and tell me if he likes me

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