15 ways to tell your soul mate

I came accross this video on you tube on how to tell if the you have found your soul mate. Listen to it, read my comments and let me know what you think.

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I agree with Elaine that passion can intensify over time with your soul mate?

But should we have to wait to see if it does? What happens when we wait a year or two only to find out that this is not your soul mate?

Its great to have passionate feelings in a relationship, however I don’t actually recommend that you depend on feelings and passion. They can be very misleading and confusing, in fact when we are in love, the emotions of love tend to blurr our judgement. Love, can indeed be blind. Have you ever wondered what you saw in your ex-boyfriend (even though at the time when you were passionately in love, you thought he was Gods gift to you).

I would like to suggest that answer the following 15 questions to know if you have found your soul mate, even if your heart is bursting with passion:

  1. Is this a safe person?
  2. What do other people say about him?
  3. What are his friends like?
  4. What’s his family like?
  5. How does he treat other people?
  6. Would you like your children to become like him?
  7. Would you like to be like him?
  8. Can you actually make life with him?
  9. What is your gut feeling telling you?
  10. Does he hide personal information from you?
  11. Does he have  conscience?
  12. Is he emotionally availabe?
  13. Does he have similar values to you?
  14. Is he functional, by that I mean would he be able to function as a man should in setting up a home?
  15. Does he have relationship skils?

Answering these questions in a ruthlessly objective way (inspite of feelings and passion) will help you to tell if you have found your soul mate.

What do you think Elaine?

1 thought on “15 ways to tell your soul mate”

  1. Hi Hilton, it’s Elaine from http://www.askelainenow.com, interesting timing of yours, I actually came across your blog only last week and I liked it, love the logo and what you have to say.

    I am flattered that you have my video on your site, and agree, depending on passion alone is/ can be misleading. If you listen to what I say I also say that passion for your soul mate grows over time and that’s the distinction. I am not referring to the lust type of passion most of us feel at the beginning of a new relationship.

    What I also agree with is your questions, I get my clients to use these ‘filtering’ type questions when they meet someone new as a way to not let their heart rule their head, at least not too much- so they are spot on. ( it’s almost like you have read my mind here- cool!)

    So yes ladies, if you want to know if you have met your soul mate, then check your head – use the above questions and check your heart after the initial flush of lust has died.

    So Hilton, looking forward to your reply on my blog.
    Keep up the good work.

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