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16 ways to become a romantic magnet

Have you every wondered what are the magic ingredients of being irresistible? Why do some people attract all the attention and others languish in the romantic shade?

Well today I want to share 15 things that attractive and romantic-magnets have in common. If you observe them carefully you will find most if not all of these qualities. In future post I will actually go into each ofthese in details.


  1. Self confidence/assurance
  2. Composure, the way you carry yourself and your body
  3. Intelligence and wisdom
  4. Friendliness
  5. Femininity/masculinity
  6. Being at ease with your body
  7. Cleanliness/neatness/being well groomed
  8. Independence
  9. Having a full and active life
  10. Healthy appearance
  11. Being real — not phony, fake, haughty or puffed up
  12. Contentment
  13. Being physically fit
  14. A pleasant voice and tone
  15. Happiness
  16. Assertiveness. Being able to tactfully assert and express your feelings, opinion and needs despite what others think or say.

Ooops I forgot one important one:

– Having clear principles, boundaries and borders

I think that should be 17 (I am human – smile).

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