20 essential tips for your first date conversation

Tips you can use on your first date conversation so that you can get a second one.

Remember the first time you went out on a date with someone you like, admire, had a crush on. You may have experience some or all of the following problems

  • Not sure what to talk about
  • Starting conversation and drying up
  • Trying too hard to impress

Here without prescription are some first date questions you can use to make your date a successful one

  1. To start off tell your date about your journey and ask you how easy was it for them to get to the venue.
  2. Ask them if they are nervous and admit your nervousness and feelings. This will help to relax both of you.
  3. Family – share a titbit about your brothers and sister. “My sister Mary use to always tease me and call me names … how about you how many sisters and brothers do you have? Which is your favourite and why?” Don’t ask about parents as they may be dead and you don’t want to evoke bad memories on a date.
  4. 4. History…. “One of my favourite memories is riding on horse when I was 10…. what do you remember most about your childhood?”
  5. Best thing that ever happened to them or greatest accomplishment
  6. What’s your best or worst job?  Or What do you do with most of your time…..(avoid asking what the person does for a living because can you may be seen as a gold digger)
  7. Hobbies…. “I thoroughly enjoying… what do you like doing in your spare time?”
  8. Goals and ambitions – “One day I hope to ——-, what do you wish, hope, want to become?”
  9. Ask about favourite types of movies or music, last movie they saw and opinion of it along with current new and entertainment topics (Britain got talent, x-factor etc)……….
  10. What’s the most mischievous or naughtiest thing you have ever done? Fun side of the person.
  11. Do you play or follow Sports?
  12. Tell your favourite animal and ask if they are fond of animal and which one.
  13. Talk about your favour dish and ask “What is the one type of food you can never give up?”
  14. Travel … where have they been; where would they like to go;  travel plans for the future; dream holiday, worst/best holiday experience.
  15. Case history opinion e.g. “My friend and I were arguing that men and women can never be friends – what you think about that?”  or “My sisters ex-boyfriend wants to go out with her best friend, do you think she should?”
  16. If you could choose 5 things to describe yourself what would they be?
  17. School days – best subject, favourite teacher, worst experience
  18. Tell a story of the a winner of the jack pot lottery who went back to her job and ask how their life would change if they got a million through lottery or inheritance?
  19. Observe and comment on something happening around you and ask the person’s opinion of it?
  20. Remember to never allow the date to go for more than an hour. Tell your date how good it was to go out with them and explain you will like to repeat the experience.

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