3 romantic mistakes of Susan Boyle — you should never make.

Susan Boyle with unkept hair
Susan Boyle's unkept hair is one of her many romantic mistakes

Susan Boyle has won the hearts of millions around the world. Her youtube video has been watched over 25 million times and counting. Yet in spite of all this Susan has never won the heart of a man in all her 47 years.

Susan Boyle claims she has never been kissed or ever had a boyfriend. Actually the Daily Mirror reported that her neighbour has kissed her but it only seems to be a “peck” in times of sorrow.

Mr Smith, 51, who has known her for 30 years said:

“She comes to me when she needs help or a shoulder to cry on. I’ve given her many a peck on the cheek to say ‘Don’t worry, everything’s going to be all right’.”

I don’t think that counts, do you?

Amazingly the guy goes on to say:

“She’s a lovely lady, really kind and generous. She would make a great catch for any man.”

She has a voice that will melt the heart of any man, she is confident and sassy yet she has not been able to attract any man, not even the one who has been able secure a couple “pecks.”

Dispite all what Susan Boyle has going for her I think she has made some fundamental mistakes.

1. Susan Boyle got locked away in a very small world. Very few people knew that she existed. According to an article in the Telegraph she spent years caring for her mother. The neighbour said he never knew her to have a birthday party. After the death of her mother she would even spend days locked up in her house.

The lesson here is that you need to expose your self to people. Go out mingle, visit different places, attend events. Look at what has happened to Susan Boyle now that she has decided to face the world and say “here I am with what I’ve got.” We all love her in spite of her looks, but I think she got the message — check her improved image in the interview below

2. Talking about looks. Looks do matter. People do judge you by your appearance. So do make an effort to look presentable and nice when you go out. Susan Boyle nearly got written off because of her looks. The thing that saved her was her confidence and total belief in her abilities and finally her gift. To be well presented don’t necessarily mean expensive clothes and boob job. Just clean, well groomed and well presented.

3. Work on your gifts and talents and show case them to the world where ever and when ever you get an opportunity. Never give up. It took Susan Boyle 47 years to tumble on to the world stage even though I think she thought she would never ever make it. Keep the dream of a great relationship alive.

Listen to on of her interviews

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