3 ways to attract quality men in your life with very little effort

How would you like to attract great boyfriends with little or no effort? How would like great men to want to be with you? They would court your attention, want to be associated with you and desire your love. They would show up in your life like bees attracted to honey.

To be a man magnet like this you need to be, you guessed, ATTRACTIVE.

Do I mean you should have to have a coca-cola bottle shaped body, shiny long flowing hair cascading down your neck and shoulders and a glossy magazine face? This would help but there is far more to attraction than physical beauty. The type of attraction I am speaking about will make you to beat the top models hands down, without having to pay of boob jobs or going on a diet to reduce your weight.

Many women make the fatal mistake to think that men are only obsessed by the way they look and dress. Hence they invest vast amounts of money in clothes, makeup, shoes and handbags.

There 3 aspects of beauty, 2 of which you may not be aware of. It is not spoken about in the popular media. Here are the 3 aspects of attraction:

  1. 1. Physical beauty. I will not expand on this as I know you already have enough information about grooming, dressing and sexy body
  2. 2. Attractive life. By this I mean people must see that you have a life with many things happening within it. Have you ever heard the term “get a life”. Well it implies that you have a boring, routine life that needs some excitement, activity and fun. When you are busy in your professional, personal, career, entertaining and recreational world, people not only admire you and what you are doing, they also want to be a part of your life. You will be surprised at the number of people (both male and females) you automatically attract in your life just because of this. So go out and get busy improving your life, having fun by learning to play some sport or games, helping other people by volunteering, educating yourself, becoming active in a club/group/church. A very good example of how you can simply attract other people by improving your self is Toula in the movie the Fat Greek Wedding. When she was stuck in her father’s restaurant, nothing happened for her. But after going to college and working in a travel agency, her esteem and confidence soared and she was interestingly spotted by the very guy who ignored her totally before.
  3. 3. Attractive personality. Believe me, if you have a wonderful personality, regardless of your size, colour or creed people will be drawn to you. People will also speak about how nice you are and even without you knowing it they will tell to other people about how nice you are. This order without prescription type of niceness includes being kind, loving, helpful, caring, concern and understanding of other people. It is not something that you can fake. You must be genuinely interested and be willing to help other people.

No amount of physical beauty can rival having an attractive life and personality, in magnetizing or making other gravitate towards you. Men will want to be with and around you. You will have more request for dates and even marriage than you can handle. You will have a very different problem: instead of not finding men you will have too many choices.

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