4 things Elin Woods could do to save her marriage and subdue the Tiger:

What to do if your partner cheats and you want to save your marriage.

Elin Woods’s famous spor prescriptions title=”What to do if your spouse is a cheat” src=”https://www.hiltonsamuel.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/12/What-to-do-if-your-spouse-is-a-cheat-300×225.jpg” alt=”What to do if your spouse is a cheat” width=”300″ height=”225″ />ts-star husband Tiger has been in the thick  “woods” of cheating. To date some 6 women have come out of the tiger-wood-work to claim that they have had affairs with Tiger even when Elin was pregnant or a little after she gave birth. Tiger Woods cheated on his wife many times. What should you do if your partner or spouse cheats on you? How can you save your marriage?

Many experts claim that pregnancy and children can be one of the most vulnerable times of a relationship. The woman is not able to have regular penetrative sex, or is constantly exhausted either from child birth or looking after the newborn. This is when most men tend to wander romantically.

However the fact seems to indicate that Mr Tiger has been on the sexual night prowl even before Elin was pregnant. Many of the women are associated with the club and night scenes frequented by tiger.

Whatever the reasons are should she take him back? Especially since it appears to have been a well established habit? Not 1,2,3 or 4 but up to 8 separate women are claiming that they have evidence he had flings with them.

Move out

Well the first thing I would do is to move out of the house. I would go home to my parents or somewhere of his premises.

Cut him off

Then I would cut him off.  I would refuse to speak to him. I would not accept his calls. In fact he would literally have to travel to where I am to see me. He would not  be able to speak to me except through someone else. He needs to squirm and stew in the cheating heat of his own making.

Make him confess and apologize

When I eventually relent and speak to him, he would need to apologize profusely, confess all the gory details and demonstrate some remorse.

Cut all and every contact with lovers

He has to cut off all contact with lovers and potential lovers.

Earn my trust again

Carry a video phone and update me where he is at all times, until I feel I can trust him again.

You will notice that none of the suggestions above has anything to do with money or the potential of getting his millions. That is because Elin has to demonstrate her value way above anything to do with money and what money can buy. Tiger has to realize that her love cannot be bought or sold. Elin has to be willing to show him that she will not ever tolerate such behaviour regardless to the amount of money he has.

Ps. I nearly forgot this one:

Let him take STD and AIDS tests

Make sure he is properly tested for Sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS, regularly test his underwear and clothes for foreign fluids

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