6 ways to be extremely attractive to men

How can you become extremely attractive to men

What is the single most attractive feature of a woman?

Do you think that the most attractive thing a woman can have is her face or body – Pretty face and sexy body?attract men

Some people say that they way you dress, walk and talk is very essential in attracting men. Others claim that you need to think positively about yourself. They say you must be attractive to yourself before you can become attractive to men.

Well all of the above are true. But there is something missing. In fact I will go as far as to say that  without this missing part, everything else will fail when it comes to attracting and keeping men in a relationship.

While it is true that you need to love yourself and have a positive self image, you do not have to wait until you have total self confidence before attracting men. In fact your confidence can grow as you attract men. In other words instead of waiting until you have total self confidence – which may never happen – why not interact with men and as they respond to you, your confidence will increase. Think about it, when learning to drive did you wait until you were totally sure about yourself as a driver to go on the road. As you drove a car (with all your uncertainties) you became more competent and your driving confidence increased.

Let’s get back to the issue of things that attract men.

Men are powerfully attracted to you just being a woman. Men are magnetized to the feminine aspect of you. Your femininity your femaleness is one of the greatest attractive features.

What is femininity or femaleness?

First let’s make it clear what femininity is NOT about

One face book group (Feminine not Feminist) puts it nicely and succinctly

“It’s not about being

  • Sexy or hot,
  • Manipulative or controlling,
  • Coquettish,
  • Flirtatious,
  • Giggly or annoying… “

They go on to say that “femininity is about:

1.       Being soft and delicate but not fragile…

2.       Being strong and feisty but staying sweet and adorable…

3.       Remaining firm and uncompromising while simultaneously being submissive and respectful…

4.       Staying charmingly childlike while angelically principled…

5.       Having a great sense of humour, a highly developed sense of self-worth…

6.       Valuing yourself enough to expect someone to take care of you just because you’re worth it.”

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