6 ways to overcome shyness

Are you shy?

Do you feel afraid, fearful, scared, awkward and embarrassed in public, around people or at a party? Do you feel that people are looking at you, criticizing you and laughing at you? Do constantly think that people are better than you and you are not good enough? Do you feel that you will be turned down or rejected by other people?

These are all signs of shyness or social anxiety. All of us do feel shy at some point in time or another. However for most of us it’s a temporary situation. If this condition makes us shrink from doing things, afraid functioning in public and scared of going out and meeting people then it is not a good thing.

Here as some ways you can reduce and manage your social anxiety.

  1. Realize that everyone is shy in some way shape or form. Even the people who seem quite confident and bold have moments of shyness. You are not the only one. The only difference is that they are better able to manage and mask it.
  2. What you feel shy about (your size, features, age, looks, etc) there are people with this same problem who have successfully overcome it. If you think you are too short to get a partner, there are short people who have partners. If you feel that you are too big, there are big people who have partners; if you feel you are too ugly, there are ugly people who have girlfriends and boyfriends. If they can do it you can do it too.
  3. Act as if. Pretend you are bold and confident in the area that you feel awkward and shy in. Imagine scenarios and situations that make you feel apprehensive and role play in your mind how you would overcome them.
  4. Acknowledge your weakness but don’t dwell on it. Focus on your strengths. Instead of obsessing about the things you can’t do, or don’t have, look at what you are good at. Think about and relish those skills, talents and abilities you have. This will boost your confidence and help you to compensate for your weaknesses.
  5. Accept the fact that failure and rejection are part of life. None of us are perfect. You will not always think, do or say the right thing. But that doesn’t make you are failure. Not everyone will accept you but that doesn’t mean you are unacceptable. Giving up trying to be perfect will go a long way in helping you to relax.
  6. Admit you are shy and tell people that you are feeling nervous. Usually they will try to support and help you to overcome.

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