7 ways not to fall for your ex boyfriend again

It is quite easy to fall for your ex boyfriend because you may have latent romantic feelings for him. Coupled with this you may go through withdrawal phase which can range from mild desire to see, hear, feel, touch or smell him to wild sexual cravings. Here are some pointers to help you to stay the course.

  1. Remember he has become your ex because of a variety of reasons, which may not be pleasant at all. Remind yourself of these and vow not to put yourself in that position again.
  2. Give your self time to grieve. A romantic separation is like death.
  3. Accept your feelings (do not repress them) and do not feel guilty about them. They will subside over time. Repressing and fighting your feelings and emotions only tend to intensify them. Just accept that its normal to feel these range of emotions.
  4. Get creatively busy. Put your energies into your work, some hobby, some form or recreation or new project. If you don’t have one create one.
  5. Distance your self from him physically and emotionally. Do not call or visit him. If he calls, be polite but firm, if necessary do c20 not answer his calls. Until you have mastered your emotions and its dangerous to become his friend. It will be quite easy to be engulfed in a flame of passion. Do not be like the moth who plays with the flame.
  6. If you must interact with him because of work or where you live treat him politely but professionally. Keep him at “arm’s length” emotionally.
  7. Begin to socialize again. Go to events, parties, concerts etc. You can even sign up to to volunteer for organizations.

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