8 Dangers of romantic holidays

It is summer time again and many people jet around the world in search of romance and love. Others leave for a holiday and is struck by cupid while enjoying themselves. Yet others go on holiday to meet in person someone they have met on the Internet.

While holiday romances can and do work in some instances, there are a lot of challenges and hurdles to overcome. In most cases holiday romances turn out to be major disasters. Lets look at some dangers of holiday romance.

  1. You can end up contracting a sexually transmitted disease.
  2. You can become emotionally involved with someone who is a seriel holiday romanticist. He/she may have romance with a string of holiday people.
  3. You may also become involve with people who are opportunists. They may want a passport or visa to come to your country.
  4. There are also others who are financial vultures waiting to prey on you after you are dead in thier love portion. This lady lost all of her life savings because she was head over heels in love with someone she met on holiday in turkey.
  5. If the relationship gets serious someone is going to have to move. 10mg The logistics of moving house, job and location may put an extra strain on the relationship.
  6. The romance you experience on holiday may not match the real life experiences you have to deal with when you return home.
  7. There are cultural differences and nuances that are difficult to contend with after you settle down.
  8. Getting visas are becoming not only expensive but a major headache for people who marry spouses from other countries.

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