Act like a lady, think like a man — great advice

Steve Harley has brought out a book that is tumbling off the bookshelves like crazy. I have just ordered my copy and will be reviewing as soon as it lands on my doorsteps.

However this guy is seem to be a bit old school, but guess what so I am. I think that most post-modern women have missed the fundamentals that were and still are, very powerful. Steve says that women should have high standards and boy isn’t he right. I wrote about this in one of my blogs. He also contends that you should act like a lady, I go a little bit further to say that your femininity not your beauty — what he calls being shiny — is what magnetize a man. Many women go so far with their looks that they turn out to be false. False hair, false nails, false breasts, false eye lashes and God knows what else is false. A man wants the real you, not the make-up you or put-on you.

This guy is really a joker. Until I get the book take a look at 2 of his interviews.

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