Anybody wants to know what men find attractive and irresistible?

I have been meaning to put up a post all morning. First I thought I would do a podcast; then I thought maybe a quick video, but I have been procrastinating all day. It so lovely outside, the sun is out and I feel alive again. I feel like just going outside to play with my children.

Any way, lets dig in. I’ll have to cheat a little bit but if you are a like me you will understand.

Almost everyone tend to think that a beautiful girl, with a wonderful body is irresistible to a man. But I usually say this only gets the attention. Its like going shopping. The attractive dress and beautiful handbag only get your eyes, you then go inside ask for the price and begin to inspect the item before you actually buy. There are lots of other factors which come into play before you commit your hard earned finance.

Yes I know about impulse buying, but the problem when you erectile dysfunction do that is, you normally get “buyers remorse” and want to take it back the next day. Well back to the topic at hand — what actually makes men tick? What inspire influence and keep them riveted to you?

Here is the podcast I did about the topic. Its only about 5 minutes. Listen to it and let me know your thoughts on the matter.

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