Are men only attracted to beauty in women?

Men, beauty and attraction — what is the relationship?

Its no secret that men are definitely attracted to physical beauty. From the pope and president to the peasant in the field, all are wired to secretly, (if not longingly) admire beautiful women.  In fact Willard Harley, who wrote the book “His Needs, Her needs,” contends that beauty is an actual need in men. It never goes away. The real question is — is beauty generic best price the most important factor men use in determining which woman he would pick.

Many women spend all day and night worrying about their looks and value. They dread getting old as some thing that would cause them to loose ratings. One girl told me she didn’t give her child breast milk because she felt it would spoil her breast. Another dreaded having children for fear she would not regain her flat stomach.

I am happy to report that for most men beauty only initially attract the eyes, its the character that secures his heart. The type of persons you are truly binds and bonds a man’s heart to you. It is how you make him feel when he is with you, that would make a significant difference in whether he chooses to stay with you or not.

Finally most men today tend to really look to see if he can “settle down” with the type of person you are.

Do you think this is true? What has been your experience about this matter?

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