Are soul mates born or made?

In the last post I discussed the concept of getting your soul mate. Now I want to ask you a couple of questions?

1. Do you think that soul mates are born or can we create them? In other words are you expecting someone who is just right for you or do you think you will both have to work at it. Work to transform each other into the right partner?

A friend of mine told me she is not interested in trying to create a partner (she is not God), she simple needs someone who knows how to function properly in  a relationship. What do you think about that?

2. Secondly do you believe that there is only one person for you? Or are several tadalafil 5mg persons, one of whom, can make you romantically happy?

It will be great to hear your views on the matter.

Add your ideas or questions in the comments section below.

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