Are there any good men left?

Where are the good men?

“Hilton, I can’t find a good man. All the good men seem to be taken.”

That’s what 27 year old Jennifer told me after one of my seminar talks. She was dead serious. She bemoaned the fact that there are more women than men in the world, lots of them in jail, others on drugs, some are gay and the few that are left are either married/divorced or just no good. Are there any good men left? I will directly address this now and in the next series of posts.

YES. Yes there are dozens, hundreds, thousands of great single guys available right now as we speak. Where are they?

Get ready for this — They are every where. They are in the neighbourhood that you live. The churches/synagogues/temples/mosques that you worship in. They shop in the supermarkets that you shop in; they attend the schools/universities that you attend; they exercise in the gyms that you go to and you may even know some of them.

“Don’t kid me, Hilton” you say. “Please give us a break, don’t insult our intelligence, we have statistics on our side.”

Okay. Statistics also say that there the economy is bad, unemployment is high etc. Yet there are lots of jobs being advertised in the papers every day and there are people who becoming millionaires.

Don’t get me wrong. I am not saying that these so called facts are false. I am only saying that there are wonderful available men looking for wonderful girls like you right now. However your focus is only on the bad and/or unavailable ones.


Let me just tell you something that happened to me. Although I am married to a goddess there was a time when I couldn’t get girls. During that time I use to think that “all the good fishes were fished out of the sea”. In other words the sexy, attractive and wonderful girls were already taken. I used to think I was bad lucky every time I saw a hot babe and she was on the arm of another man. Then one day I got an insight — I WAS FOCUSSING ON THE GIRLS THAT WERE ALREADY TAKEN. The wrong crowd.

I immediately decided I will start looking for eligible available girls and guess what, in a short while beautiful single girls seem to just be walking out of the wood work. They were every where!!!

Why didn’t I see them before? Because my attention and focus was taken up with the ones who were already taken.

Here is my advice to Jennifer and all of you single girls – STOP talking about, looking at and meditating on the lack of good men. START looking for, expecting great guys to show up and they will.

Remember what you focus on and give attention will grow. Focus on lack and you will find evidence to support that and worst yet the lack will grow. Look for and expect what you actually want and guess what you will indeed find it.

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