Arranged marriage with a twist

Should we let our friends and family pick our romantic partners?  Should we let them arrange our marriages? Well David Weindbeck allowed his friends and family to pick is bride and it worked.

David and Elizabeth Weinbeck will be celebrating their 11th anniversary this June. The interesting thing is David advertised for his wife and let his friends chose his spouse – he had no involvement. They only spoke for 5 minutes before they got married in a mall. This is arranged marriage with a twist.

Should we let our friends and family get our bride or groom for his. Shout they chose compatible spouses for us? Canadian research has actually shown that friends and family seem to be better predictors of the longevity of marriage, than the people who are involved.

And research has also shown that arranged marriages do just as well as romance base marriages. So if you are looking to get a boyfriend or girl friend maybe we should use the network of friends and family to help us.

Actually we could easily believe this because most people meet their partners through a mutual colleague, family or friend.

Why are friends and family predictions so accurate?

  • They are more objective
  • They see things about us the we tend to overlook
  • They see things about the other person we are emotionally blind too
  • They know us in ways we don’t know ourselves

So if you are single ask each of your friend and family this simple question –

“Of all the people you know, who do you think would make a good partner for me?”

Follow that up with

“Why do you think we would make a good couple?”

You would quickly and easily get 10-20 possible suitors by the end of the week.

Listen to the audio clip below and tablets for sale let me know what you think


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