Dating more than one person

Can you love more than one person at a time?

Can you love several people simultaneously?

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Loving more than one person at a time has been the subject of deep and grave debate. My wife, and many other women, tends to believe that there must be something about one person that tips the balance of love. But can you really love several people simultaneously?

Jack believes you can. In fact Jack he is indeed deeply in love with 2 women. He is also in a dilemma. He, rightly or wrongly, confessed to his long time girl friend that he is powerfully in love with her and another girl on his job. She threw a fit and gave an ultimatum. Jack honestly told me that he doesn’t know how to choose, because he loves both equally.

One friend of mine keeps me inform of a developing drama in his life. An ex-girl of over 20 years contacted him on MySpace social networking site. They both began casually catching up with each other. She is now married to wealthy man and has several children. Life couldn’t be better for her. However she seems quite interested in exploring the chemistry they once had.

“Why would you risk all you have with someone who has nothing to offer you?” was his honest question to her.

She understood all the risks involved and contend she still love him and also love her husband. She was surprised that this dilemma can exist.

Let me explain that humans are not like apples or mangoes that you can taste to see which is sweeter. We all have unique qualities and characteristics which appeal to people differently. Hence Joyce may stimulate and attract you in ways that Jennifer doesn’t. However there are things about Jennifer which equally (but in different ways) appeal.

Spending time, sharing your deep feelings with each of them would cause you to bond more and more to both. They both make you feel love and alive.

Below I discuss the topic on a radio interview. Listen and let me know if you think people can love more than one person at a time

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