1 Dating mistake not to make — bad datiquette

Have you ever made a dating mistake or had a bad date? A common dating mistake many people make is to be distracted  by their mobile phone.

Well I think we all have experienced at least one date from hell. This particular date was not really that horrible, but it does highlight what you should NOT do on a date.

On a the blog site a bad case of dates, one girl mentioned that her date who she expected to very near Jesus type turn up with his new phone and proceeded to try and figure it out on the date.

“He told me that he had just got it and that he was still figuring it out.  For most of the date, whenever I talked, his face was down on the device, tapping or typing.  Whenever he talked, it was mostly about his smartphone.”

She brought the date to an early close and he said he would text or call her if he ever figured out how to use the gadget. He never did.

Point to learn:

1. The purpose of a date is to learn about someone else not your new gadget. If your mind is preoccupied with something, like this guy, postpone the date for a time when your attention would be free.

2. The way around this however is to try and get the girl to help you figure the phone out. Believe it or not she just might cheap generic have a similar phone. At any rate being involved in the project can help both of them to bond.

3. She could have offered or at least steered the conversation to the topic he is so passionate about — phones.

4. It is good “datiquette” to leave your phone at home, turn it off or put it on vibrate. Unless it is an emergency avoid answering your phone when a date. If you have to make or take a call kindly explain to your date that you are expecting or need to make and important call. Make it as quickly as possible, and get back to the business at hand which is to get to know your date better.

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