Dating tips

Dating techniques: what works and what doesn’t

What do women find attractive in men and how do you go about getting a date.


Science of Attraction series by Derren Brown, Kat Akingbade and Charlie set out to find what actually works and what doesn’t in the dating scene.

In this scenario several actors were chosen to go on a speed dating activity with several young girls.

Guy A was to use dating techniques on the girls – relaxed confident open posture, conversation starters and conversation extension techniques.

Guy B was just to be himself and try and be nice to the girls.

Guy C was to be cocky, overly confident, alpha-male and almost arrogant with the girls.

Although all of the guys got dates, the experiment showed that guy A was the most popular with the girls. Guy B came a close second with guy C trailing in the distant.

When the girl who chose guy C found out she had been played she felt gutted.

The creators of the show content that dating techniques work to build confidence but we should not depend Dating on them.

“Be yourself” both Derren and Kat encourage.

The irony is that dating and trying to get a date makes it very difficult to be ourselves. The natural response for most people is to be nervous, unsure and somewhat uncomfortable when trying to get a date. You just don’t know how the prospective person is going to respond to you.

The producers used actors for this show. It would have been good to also have an ordinary guy (a non-actor) to see how he would respond against the actors.

Both Kat and Derren emphasised that you should be yourself.

I think they could probably give more specific advice on how to be yourself.

  • How should you be yourself? It’s definitely not as easy as they make it out to be especially if you are around someone you have the hots for.
  • How do you overcome your nerves and get a great date.
  • What can you do to be more confident?
  • Where can you go to get more information about this process?

Unfortunately the presenters did not explain how you can spot a fake or someone who might be manipulating you. That would be very good information to have.

Actually I do not really believe in the whole dating thing. I contend that it is counterproductive and even dangerous if you are looking for a long term committed spouse or partner.

A good dater does not necessarily translate into a great spouse. That is probably why many Pick Up Artists are just serial daters. There is also a notoriously high rate of breakups with PUAs who go on to have relationships.

If you to find out how to get to quickly and easily find the right person for you without expensive, time wasting dates you may want to check out the The Right Man Plan – coming soon.

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