Do you know you spouse?

How well do you know your spouse?

Here is a series of questions developed by John Gotman to get to know more about your spouse?

  1. Ideal b/day present
  2. 2 things that angers the person
  3. 2 things that make them happy
  4. 1 thing person would change about you
  5. 1 thing you could do to improve the relationship
  6. Happiest life event
  7. Saddest life event
  8. Biggest challenge person has faced
  9. Special hobbies
  10. 2 closest friends
  11. Worst enemy/rival
  12. 2 people admired
  13. First thing person would buy if won lottery
  14. 2 worst fears
  15. Best way to get over being sad
  16. Secret ambition
  17. Favourite average age relative
  18. Least favourite relative
  19. 2 reasons mate is proudest of him/herself
  20. 1 thing that makes the person feel sexy
  21. 1 thing that turns the person off
  22. Favourite clothes/food
  23. Best way they spend free time

Also listen to the radio interview I did about it below:

How well do you know your spouse?

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