Dress for dating success

Looking for Mr. Right –what not to wear!

How to dress for dating succcess

I was waiting for a US webinar to start at 1 am in the morning. I tuned in 1 hour too early so I decided to occupy my time by looking at a rerun of what not to wear – looking for Mr. Right” on the internet.

I was surprised to see some 90+ women auditioned for the reality show “what not to wear – looking for Mr. Right”.

Up till then I thought that modern women knew the value and romantic benefits of looking good, but I was shocked to see that many seem clueless.

Does the way you dress matter when you are looking for Mr. Right? Let’s look at 3 points the program highlighted.

  1. The way you dress says a lot about who you are what you think about yourself?
  2. The way you are dress affect how you feel about yourself
  3. The way you are dressed is the way you are addressed – people respond to how you present your self
what does your clothes say about you?

How you dress says a lot about you.

It was fascinating to see the presenters take each candidate and read their personality based on the clothes they were wearing or generally wore. One girl who wore mostly business suits admitted that she used that form of dressing to protect her vulnerable inside.  Another woman’s friends (even the children she supported as a teaching assistant) thought she dressed like a hooker or “tart”. It turned out that she did not think very much about her body.

People unfortunately form opinions of you based on how you present yourself — how you lookor dress.  Think about it why do people wear uniforms? The sight of a police uniform is enough to cause people’s behaviour to change.

Men are very visual. They will instantly decide whether they want to engage you or not based on what they see.

The way you dress affects how you feel about yourself

While many people dress based on how they feel, the clothes you put on also affect your mood and emotions. This may be one reason women tend to shop for clothes and accessories so often.

When the participants on the program were given a more feminine make over it was if they were literally transformed. They were able to go on speed dating events, singles night and hold engaging and flirtatious interactions with men. Something they admit would never be able to do before. So dress up.

I think it was Paris Hilton who said “The only rule is don’t be boring and dress cute wherever you go. Life is too short to blend in.”

The way you are dressed is the way you are addressed – people respond to how you present your self

It was so heart warming to see the little children clapping and cheering when their teaching assistant turned up in a lovely pants, shirt and jacket. It was as if they got a totally new teacher who had the same personality they love. But even more amazing was to see men flirting and chatting her up.

So how do you dress to impress men?

Here are some useful guidelines

Make it feminine

dress for dating success
  • Wear something that complements you, not detracts from who you really are
  • Ask yourself the question each time you dress: will this scare men off or will it invite them to approach me?
  • Skirts and dresses preferable to pants and business suits
  • Long and flowing rather than short and tight
  • Soft rather than rough and tough e.g. Jeans

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