Find a Husband: 5 Simple Steps to Finding a Husband

Are you looking  to Find a Husband?

  • Do you feel it time to settle down and have a family with kids?
  • Not sure how to go about doing this?

Well here are 5 ways you can find a husband?

The hilarious video below do have some powerful tips you can use to find the love of your life.

The first step in finding the love of your love is to be clear about not just what you want but how you want to be treated.

Believe me many people miss this vital and all important step in finding a soulmate.

Some gurus tell you to list the qualities you are looking for. However if you are clear about the experiences and treatment you want in a marriage then it would be far easier to the love you deserve.

There are several important parts you will to look at. This is crucial so listen very careful. People miss this all the time and run into huge trouble in their relationship later. Don’t make that mistake.

This is a secret the gurus never tell you. Here is the secret. First be clear about what marriage involves and reverse engineer the process to find the best husband who can fit with what you want

Marriage life is made up of several predictable parts

1. Functional: that is making money to pay bills buy food and clothes. It also includes cooking, washing and cleaning.

2. Children: from changing nappies, bathing, feeding, playing with them, putting them to bed to  school runs and disciplining them.

3. Romance: This is the only part most people focus on. Sex, romance and recreation (dates, dinners, holidays).

What you need to do is to picture how you would like your husband to be involved in all of these.

Bingo you will be looking for someone who can fit the role of all of these. Maybe not all, but as much as possible.

Believe me this will reduce your chance of divorce considerably.

2. Planning. While I agree that you should make a plan on how you will go about doing this, I don’t think you should be so military-like about it.

I say you should enjoy the process and have fun.

3. Look in the right places. Yep, he got that one right. Look in the right places. If you are a religious person it is no use searching in a rave for a soul mate. If you are looking for a well manner husband, it is highly unlikely that you will find him in the ghetto.

4.  Be flexible.That is a good suggestion. If something doesn’t work try something else.

find a husban
Are you only dreaming about finding a husband?

5. Patience. I know time may not be on your side but don’t rush the process. I have a saying “Time is the crucible in which great relationships are cooked.”

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