How to find a good man

Good men: How to find a good man

Many women are asking the age old question “where are all the good men.”

Well according to Rachel Greenwald, author of the book “Have Him At Hello” that is the wrong question.

You should really be asking the question “How do I find a good man?”

This question makes all the difference and it helps you to focus on what you can do to not only find but also attract a great single man into your life.

Rachel Greenwald says you should actually have a plethora of methods – a strategic plan – to help you find a good single man.

The question should really be: “What do I NEED to do to get out there and meet new people?” Rachel says.

“What you need is a diversified portfolio of dating activities, you have got to have a lot of irons in the fire,” Rachel Greenwald

Here are some of her suggestions.

  • Starbucks or a commercial centre where lots of people frequent
  • 2 online dating sites – a large site and a niche site
  • Meet up people with common interests e.g meetup.com, clubs, groups etc
  • Facebook – connect with friends and old acquaintances
  • Network  and get fix ups through friends and family
  • Go out – never stay at home. Greenwald calls home the 4 letter dating dirty word

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