Find Love: Finding love on a budget

Finding love on a shoe-string budget

You would think that love would be free?

Not according to recent research by online dating site match.

They found that the people searching for love spent on average £3.4b – that is 3.4 Billion Pound Sterling – in their quest to find love last year.

What do people actually spend all this money on?

I was thinking that match-making services, online dating sites and relationship coaching might be the answer – but no.  Well over £421 million was spent on transport and £324 million in hair salons. That is not to mention new clothes, shoes and accessories. Then there are entertainment and food accounting for £1.3b.

Does love have to be costly? Can you find love on a shoe string budget?


You bet it can. Here are 14 ways you can find love without burning a hole in your pocket.

  1. Go to local events
  2. Join free dating sites
  3. Online forums and groups
  4. Join clubs and groups that interests you
  5. Free public meetings, conferences, seminars
  6. Go on hikes and parks and enjoy nature together
  7. Instead of going to the movies, hire a dvd and enjoy it together. Staying in is the new going out
  8. Instead of eating out cook a homemade meal and treat your date. Better yet both of you cook a meal together.
  9. If have a hobby or sport invite you date to join in. Teach him or her. This would help you to bond far more than a restaurant date.
  10. Learn a new skill together e.g. dancing, skating, playing music etc
  11. Do volunteering together
  12. Do a project together or study together if you both are in University
  13. Do some DIY together
  14. Play games together

One of the best ways to invest your money in order to find love is to get a relationship coach to help you through the process.

I will be happy to help you to get someone in your life this year. Contact me today!

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