Finding Mr. Right

How do you go about finding Mr. Right? Many women fall for the sweet sounds and fancy promises that many men make. Then they become trapped in a relationship from hell. Has this ever happen to you or one of your friends?

A singer Brown Boy captures this love sick romanticism well in his song “Mr. Right”

Brown Boy;;
I know you been looking’ for that special someone.
I think that I could be that one.
Your Mr. Right.

I’m looking for my Mr. right
To love me just the way I like
You can be my Mr. Right
You can hold me till the morning light
Even when your loving
Kissing and your hugging
When you call my name boy
Baby I’ll come running’

Brown Boy;;;
Gonna treat cheap professional you right
Gonna love you girl with all my might [yeah]
I would walk a million miles just to make you smile
Just to hold your hand
Just to kiss your lips
And feel your body on mine.
I could be your king
You could be my queen
Get down on my knees with a diamond ring
I promise girl to honour you
Give my heart, my soul, and my life to you
Open up your eyes and see the light
Baby, Can’t your tell I’m your Mr. right?

Brown promises all the right things. He promises to make her smile – I am not too sure how walking a million miles can make someone smile – but women love humour. Many women admit that they want someone with a sense of humour that can make them laugh.

Brown boy also talk about showing affection; holding hands, kissing and caressing – which women don’t like being romanced in this way.

More impressive Brown Boy appeals to a woman’s sense of importance by making her his queen right alongside giving her a diamond ring (expensive jewellery has always been a huge appeal to women).

With all these promises Brown then goes for the romantic Kill, he says he will sacrifice his life and then appealed for her to see that he is Mr. Right.

Now my question is, if some says all these things is he Mr. Right? How can we tell Mr, Right?

I must admit the Mr. Right will have many of these elements. He should be able make you happy. He should be able to fulfil your romantic and affectionate needs. He should be able to treat with respect and honour, like a queen. He should be able to demonstrate protection and provision. That is he should be able to provide for you and a family.

What is more important is you should see all these demonstrated over time not only in sweet romantic jive. Time also would tell what type of personality this man has. Remember talk is cheap. You need to be able to see if he is a safe person to be with. No matter how good a lover and how much money he has if he is a player and abuser none of these count.

Many women have been charmed and captured by sweet talking play boys; you don’t have to be the next victim. If you want to be able to tell who is the right man for you I give free information in some of my reports on THE RIGHT MAN PLAN. Get some of this great information by putting your name and email in the opt-in box in the top right corner of this page.

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