How do you convert a casual sex relationship to a committed relationship

How do you get from a casual sexual relationship to a committed relationship?

casual sex partner
casual sex partner

I gave a talk at the University of Hertfordshire some nights ago on the subject of what girls really want from men. After the meeting a young dreamy eyed girl privately asked me how she can get her casual sex partner to become her boyfriend.

“Hilton I am falling in love with him. How can I get him to love me? Please help me I don’t know what to do,” she confided.

Many women find themselves in such a situation.

What is a sex partner?

A sex partner is someone who engages in mutually agreed sex with no strings attached – just to satisfy their sexual desires. This is also called casual sex. People who have parties and get-together for such events are known as swingers. When someone has a one-off sexual encounter with a stranger or someone they just got it know, it is called a one-night-stand.

Can someone have sex without romantic emotions being activated?

Yes and no.

For men sex is a biological function. When their sperm bank is full they get the urge to have sex to release the tension. This act can be easily done with any woman who happen to be available at the time. They do not have to have romantic feelings for her
For most women its emotional – sex makes them bond to the person they are having sex with. During sex the body produces a hormone like the one which makes women bond to thier children. Women tend to become romantically attached to someone they regularly have sex with.

What can she do?

  • Decide to stop having sex with him from now
  • Do not explain or discuss what you are doing unless he asks. If he does:
  • Explain that you are not feeling comfortable any more. It makes you feel cheap and you want to have a secure relationship with anyone whom she is so intimate
  • Don’t be readily available for him and avoid being alone with him
  • If he doesn’t respect that or constantly hit on you CUT him off

Want to convert your casual sex relationship into a committed relationship?

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