8 great ways to get men attracted you

boy-kissing-girlHow do get guys to be attracted and to love you? How do you attract a man or boyfriend?

That’s what coy Kristina asked me after the crowd of people left the university hall I had just finished giving a talk in. I was a little surprised as she was not only impressively dressed by had a sleek figure and clean face as if she was born to be a model. Of course I later learnt that she was actually thinking of a specific guy, who seems not to notice that she exists.

So how do you actually get men to take a liking for you? However I really think that Kristina’s unspoken questions is rather “how to you get a guy not only to like you but initiate a relationship with you that will lead to marriage?”

Many people will tell you need to flirt with him; get someone to mention you to him and check his reaction; make friends with his friends and a host of other actions.

You might be tempted to wear sexy clothing when you are going to be around him to attract his attention, but all of these will fail if you do not understand the framework of how romance actually works.

Here are some essential things that must be in place for you to successfully create the type of attraction that most men cannot resist.

  1. Think of yourself as a wonderful goddess; a great catch and someone to be highly desired. You need to dress this way, walk this way and behave this way. This cannot be faked, although sometimes you may have to fake it until you make it.
  2. Have a full and engaging life. Be active and engrossed in life and all that it has to offer. Nothing is more attractive boy-hugging-girlto a man than a woman who is happy and enjoying herself without waiting for someone to come along and make her happy.
  3. Make connection(s). Be genuinely interested in people both males and females. This is not about catching his eye and smiling at him so that he may that you are interested. It just about meeting him and being just as happy and glad to meet him as you would any other guy. So it does not matter if you introduce yourself or someone else introduces you. Be truly interested in who he is and what he does.
  4. Establish rapport. Feel free to invite him to group functions, offer help, ask for help and have discussion with him about anything of interest to both you and him. This gives him lots of opportunity to get to know you as a person and to evaluate you at close range
  5. Give him lots of wins. A win is something that makes him feel good about himself and that you appreciate him. It could be anything from a genuine compliment to simple generic professional thanks for something he did along with telling him how happy it made you feel.
  6. Be detached and scarce sometimes. Do not be always available for him. Give him space and time. Even when he specifically asks you out and want to be with you, make some excuse to be unavailable sometimes.
  7. Don’t give up interacting with other men and exploring possible options. This is crucial as men feel better when there is a challenge of securing your attention over other competitors.
  8. Never verbally admit that you like him. Let him guess that you may or may not be interested. Be coy and evasive if the subject comes up as conversation. It is not safe to admit this until you are in a secure relationship. I know that modern women are much more upfront with their feeling and in some instance they are the ones who pursue the relationship but this can easily back fire on them. Studies show that men want to feel that they have won your affections.

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