Get the Guy: How to get any guy you want

Get the guy: Secrets to landing the guy you want.

How to do get the guy you want? This is a question many single women want Want to know how to go about getting the guy you want?

Well you do not have to search too far. Jess McCann actually wrote a book on about how to get the guy you want, it is called:

You Lost Him at Hello: A Saleswoman’s Secrets to Closing the Deal with Any Guy You Want

Two people were used to see if Jess’s theory works.Would they be able to get the guy?

What the biggest challenge both of the wome faced in getting the guy they want?

Meeting guys was the single greatest challenge they both had. This can easily be your big challenge too.

Jess, former sales woman, feels that single women need to approach dating much like a sales man would go about getting sales. Hmmm. Doesn’t sound very romantic, does it?

1. Prospecting

“A lot of women have the mentallity of ‘I’m not going to do anything.’ As a sales person I cannot sit at home and thing that a customer will call me when I least expect it… You physically have to do something in order to meet men,” Jess says.

How do you prospect?


Get out and about – parks, gyms, churches, clubs, libraries – anywhere, just make it a habit to go places.

Get the guy
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Internet. I am not just talking about dating sites. You can join groups and social networking site. How about getting on forums that are of interest to you.

Ask friends. Yep ask your friends to introduce you to their friends. Did you know that many women are now happily married to husbands who were introduced to them by a friend or family

Talk to men. I know you think that this is crazy, but believe me, men are humans and no one will kill you if you try to talk to them. Men love it when women talk to them. To get the guy you must start talking to as many men as possible.

What should you talk to men about. Anything. Just converse with them as if they were a casual friend.

To make it even easier Jess has a simple principle to get men to talk to you.

2. S.E.E.

S is for Smile. A smile makes you seem more approachable.

E is for Eye Contact. Make eye contact with someone and they will pick up that you are interested in them.

E. is for Energy. Have great energy about you. Do not go out when you are tired or down. You want to be fresh and full of energy. Energitic vibes always attract people to you.

Get the guy you want can be a fun process, so go out and try these simple dating tips and you will be surprised at the attention you get.

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