How to get your man to love and treat you right – like a queen.

How would you like your man to love and treat you with the respect you deserve?

How would you like him to love you and treat you royally – like a queen?

For him to treat you right, like a queen and with proper respect here 3 things not to do and 3 things to do.

3 things not to do if you want to be loved and treated royally like a queen.

  1. Don’t demand

    1. Many people think that it is their Divine and God given right to be treated with respect and dignity. They have a sense of entitlement. Well it may be right for people to treat us with respect but it is counterproductive to try and demand that they do. People will only view us like spoilt brats and completely ignore us at best or spite us at worst, if we try to force them to treat royally.
    2. Don’t compare

      1. Many women think that they will inspire and motivate their man to noble deeds by pointing how her father use to treat her mother or her friend gets treated. However this is one of the worst things you can do. Men are highly competitive and think that they are failures if someone else is seen to be better able to perform.
      2. How to get a man to treat you like a queen
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      3. Don’t criticize, nag, or throw tantrums and get emotional.

        1. Every time you do any of the above it is like you giving your partner an electric shock with a taser gun.  This type of treatment does not make your partner love you more. They only begin to silently resent you. They begin to emotional withdraw and avoid you. If they do what you want it will be because they want to avoid the negative reaction not because they love you. This is the worst form of motivation. Like an abused child, they will eventually run from you when they get a clear chance.

3 things to do for your man to love and treat you right

  1. Calmly explain the exact thing you will like and tell him how it makes you feel.

    • One day I was going down the road with my ex-girlfriend. We needed to cross a busy road so I gently put my hand around her shoulder and guided her safely across the road. After we crossed, she pleasantly surprised me by saying that the simple action made her feel very assured, safe and protected. Guess what, I started to look for and find ways to make her feel like that, because she gave me clear feedback.

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    1. Reward him whenever he does something that makes you feel sexy, royal, special, and wonderful.

      • Have you ever looked at the way they train dogs or movie animals. Each time the animal does something right it is given some sort of treat. This makes the animal associate the behaviour with the reward and repeats it often. Rewarding your partner could be from anything like giving feedback on how much you enjoyed something to doing something special for him in return.
      1. Treat him like a king.

        • There is a law called the law of reciprocation. It simple simply means that people are likely to treat you they way you treat them. If you treat them nicely, kindly, royally they are very likely to start treating you in a similar fashion. If you are nasty and horrible to them they will look for ways to spiteful to you or take some sort of revenge.

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