Get your man to treat you like a queen – 6 ways

Have you ever wondered why some women get the best treatment from men while others get treated like trash? Well there are specific ways to get your man to treat you with respect, dignity and yes like a queen.

Let’s look at 6 ways to get your man, boyfriend or husband to start treating you like a queen. Men are not incapable of doing this although you may not think so. If you remember well he actually started out this way when you first met. I bet he treated you like a goddess initially. So he is very capable of doing so.

  1. Believe it or not you to a large extent determine how you are treated by him. So first start believing and treating yourself royally.
  2. Dress as a royal person. The way you are dressed determine how you are addressed
  3. Behave with distinction. Do not lower yourself to quarrels, crying spells, nagging and other feminine antics. These are counterproductive. You can be firm but not necessarily cantankerous. You don’t have be loud and quarrelsome to demonstrate that you are upset either. Say what you have to say and leave it, he will act accordingly.
  4. Refuse to be treated like a tramp. Never ignore his disrespect for peace sake. Make it clear that you are disappointed with the behaviour and say how you feel the situation could be handled better. If this behaviour quickly and swiftly excommunicate him. If he tries to make-up be certain that he demonstrate genuine sorrow. Have you ever noticed that the women who seem to treat men with firm hands tend to get the best men?
  5. Choose the type of man who knows how to treat a woman or who is willing to learn. It great deception women have which makes them feel that they can change a man from his evil ways. It is not entirely impossible but it’s very hard work and he will relapse much time.
  6. Be very sure to treat him like a king. Make him feel proud by praising and complementing him. Make him feel useful and encouraged by appreciating his efforts and telling others how great he is.

These simple steps will go a very long way in influencing your man or men who approach you to treat you like the queen you are.

2 thoughts on “Get your man to treat you like a queen – 6 ways”

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  2. My man says we are in a relationship treats me like I do not exist at times. Lies all the time, but I give up because he does not show he cares like he says to me or to his co-workers. I don’t understand.

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